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  • Donate to Amnesty for free!
  • Support human rights while shopping at Amazon. For every purchase you make at amazon.com through this link, Amnesty International USA will receive up to 10% of the sale price [Source]. Or you can simply add &tag=amnestyintern-20 to whatever amazon.com URL you have.

  • Netperf for Windows
  • It took a while for me to get Netperf compiled in Windows. So here is the win32 compilation of Netperf 2.4.3

  • UDPperf
  • Most network benchmarking software, such as Iperf, require establishing a connection from the data sender to the receiver. Therefore, if you are behind a NAT (or some firewalls), they can only perform upload tests. Netperf can perform download tests as well, but only for TCP. We developed UDPperf, our own UDP benchmarking software in C++, to perform UDP download and upload benchmarks.

    We have made available the source code and win32 compilation of UDPperf (version 0.2.1).

  • Web hosting
  • In case you've been wondering, this web site is hosted on 1&1 and I've been quite happy with them.

Last updated February 2009